Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome Go Getters!

Hi readers!
Welcome to Go Getters. My name is Carol and if you are here then you too must have the overachievement gene.
My goal for this blog is to have women who challenge and push themselves to reach their highest level of potential connect and share ideas. It is also a platform for women who have goals but may need to learn from others success on how to get there.
I am not the best writer in the world so I want to apologize for that up front. However, I hope through this platform I can provide content that will help continue to motivate women and myself to reach those goals, no matter how unachievable they might seem.

I realized I was an overachiever years ago when I started prepping for college in elementary school. I was not always the smartest kid in class but I was going to be the one that definitely tried the hardest.
Years later when I was finally an adult working in the real world I decided to start a business with my mom, push for a demanding promotion at work, and attend an MBA program at the same time. Then on a whim I started playing in real estate to become the next Donald Trump (definitely did not end up like Donald Trump though).
I remember talking to my cousin about taking it easy and relaxing on the weekends because I rarely had time for myself. She laughed and said "Carol, you don't know how to relax", which my boyfriend at that time (now my husband) chimed in and said "your idea of relaxing is finding a new business project to kick off". I then started to realize I had a need like it was a fix to always have multiple projects that I needed to achieve.

After that I started to realize I had surrounded myself with women who had a similar trait; more some them others, but definitely that need to succeed at their goals no matter what.

One of these women is my best friend of 15 years who graduated top of every class we had ever been in together, took pre-med courses along with business classes during college just so she could have the option to study medicine if and when she decided to. Once we did graduate college she went on to earn a Masters of Accounting degree from Notre Dame while working and became a CPA. A few years after all this while we were having one of our normal check in phone conversations I asked her what she was doing over the weekend. Her reply was "oh going to start studying for the LSAT". That is when I knew she too had the fix.

My point is that there’s a class of women who keep striving for success even when they have already achieved great things. My hope is that this place I am creating can help us all focus our drive on that one thing we want to accomplish more then anything to feel 100% successful and at peace in life.


  1. That's Patrice for you!!! I love this Carol, as women who generally succeed at whatever comes to hand, there can sometimes be lapses in reaching that goal that was once prominently there..but clearly with a little perseverance and motivation from self and others we can accomplish anything!

  2. Hi Carol, this blog that you have created is great! Hope you don't mind that now I am one of your followers. =)