Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back on Track

So I know I went a way for a while but I had some stuff to sort out. When I originally started this blog I was worried that maybe I would not be committed, maybe I would again start something and not finish, or that maybe it would become another to do on the list.
However I have to say I have felt a little bit of a gap not writing on this blog for the last couple of weeks. It has become my own little diary in a public way:-)
I think the overall concept with getting back on track if you have lost momentum in a project is key. As go getters we tend to get drawn into different directions. Sometimes I think the main ingredient for being a Go Getter is a having an intense case of ADD. We start so many trails but most times do not finish walking that trail. I realized that I did not want to take that path with this blog. I may not say hi every day but I am committed to sharing my thoughts whenever I have something important to relay or whenever I am super frustrated and need a great outlet.
I encourage all of you however to post comments and interact on this blog. It is not just for me but for all of you who have thoughts on what it means to be a woman trying to live up to your goals in life.
This is also a great way for us to share other resources.
I am avid about becoming an entrepreneur so if I find interesting information I think people will enjoy I will share those items as well.
Please feel free to do the same with whatever keeps you striving to achieve.

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