Thursday, March 5, 2009

Definition of a Go Getter

According to Webster's Dictionary the definition of a Go Getter means the following:
a person disposed to initiate action, rather than take instructions; an enterprising person; a person with a strong drive to accomplish useful goals; especially, one whose career progresses rapidly.

We can align this to a lot of activities in our day to day life. It does not have to be work or career driven but can even be that you are a Go Getter in relation to a more personal goal. For instance right now one of my main goals is to gain peace through eventually becoming debt free and living a more meaningful life (so owning my own time and not having to be at someone else's job all day). Right now that useful goal is driving me to continuously think about the tasks I need to execute in order to get there. A few things I am doing is taking an active look at every penny I spend (even if it is on a coffee at Starbucks) and evaluating how important that purchase is and if it is something that will help me achieve my goal. If it is not it does not get spent (even though I must be true and admit I have hit some road blocks here; like Nordstrom’s:-).
The Go Getter in me has set the goal and now I am driving as hard as I can to meet that achievement. It is an example on a different scale then climbing the corporate ladder, but those are obvious examples. What I want everyone to understand is being a Go Getter does not just apply to if you make CEO in 5 years at some company, but it can include different goals in life. The thing about having this drive as a Go Getter is that you do not just start the task to achieve, you consistently re-calibrate it, re-shift it in your head if something is not working and continue to chip away at it little by little until you have accomplished what you set out to do.
I talk to so many people that set useful goals one month and when you follow up with them 2 months later and ask what happened you get "oh that was way too hard to deal with so I could not bother". To me this is the main difference between everyone else and a Go Getter.

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  1. Well One of my goals, aside from the upcoming obvious, is to spend less money on lunch...that's a start at having more money in my pocket and at my disposal.

    One of my future long term goals is to open up my own business one day, in the next 5-7 years. I'd like to own my own Health Care Facility/Center that caters to women and their health.