Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stress - using your goals to stay positive

A lot of times battling all types of stress feels like we have had the wind knocked out of our sails. For me financial stress is probably one of the more depleting ones, especially when I am trying to stay positive and achieve goals and you need money to achieve those goals:-). This is the one stress that when I have it my entire world is hazy including the achievements I am trying to strive for. I have found though in having ups and downs in overcoming any issue the one thing that has always brought me through is re-focusing on my goal and where I want to take my life. When you have something you are striving for in life larger then yourself keeping that in sight at times can help. Think about it. One of the things you have control over is what you choose to spend time and energy on no matter what other things are happening. Always take time during hard situations to focus on the positive and keep your goals in plain view.

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