Monday, March 9, 2009


I struggled this weekend with whether or not to post comments. I decided that I needed to take time out and re-charge and re-focus. This is one important rule I find when trying to put forth plans to achieve your goals.
A lot of times we end up having 20 to do’s on our list of achievements and in turn rip ourselves a part if we do not achieve ALL 20 within our pre-set timeline. We have to be able to focus on the one goal that is most important and work our way down the list. Focus also forces us to really think about which goal is most important to us as Go Getters. It is the 80/20 rule. In this case the one that you are most passionate about is going to float to the top immediately.

I had a conversation with one of my best friends today who is finishing up her masters, working, and doing a number of other things. She was feeling a little frustrated because in her mind she has not achieved all the goals she set out to do over the years and has really been calibrating herself to this list. This is another reason why focusing is so important. If you know you have that one thing that will impact everything else positively to focus on you will have time to put that plan into action rather than worrying about accomplishing everything on the list. You also will have more likelihood to gain a win and feel good at the end of it all, which is important when it comes to driving through with your commitment of achieving your goal. If you end up feeling like you cannot accomplish EVERYTHING discouragement will set in quickly.

Remember as a Go Getter you will constantly have things on your plate that you keep piling on because you or even someone else feels you can get it done. Moral of the story is when to recognize the true value add to yourself in achieving your main goal when you focus.

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